Wednesday, July 15, 2009

World's most expensive eggs

One of the goals of living on a fixed income is learning to plan your meals so you are not a regular visitor to the area restaurants. In an attempt to do just that, we prepared a meal of scrambled eggs, whop 'em biscuits, butter and molasses.
We should have made the decision to visit Huddle House and eat their eggs. The cost would have been a lot less.
No, these weren't some fancy duck eggs from China - or it is Japan - that have been buried for a century or so. They weren't imported ostrich eggs imported from Australia. Shucks, they weren't even hummingbird eggs from the forest of South America.
They were simple, white, 12 in a carton, chicken eggs!
And they cost $131.45!
How, so, you may wonder. Well it worked this way . . .
There are two adults and one four legged child who live in our house. One of the adults decided that it would be nice to fix a small plate of eggs for the child's supper.
Junior was delighted! He lapped them up in a couple of gulps and begged for more.
The next day he was feeling sort of out-of-sorts. Listless, you know?
He was walking across the living room when the diarrhea hit him. He couldn't make it to the door before it hit him again.
We called the vet for an emergency appointment and packed him up. After a quick exam the doc asked: What does he eat?
Dog food.
Do you feed him off the table?
No. Well, the wife did give him some eggs last night.
EGGS. What kind?
Scrambled chicken eggs.
Uh, do you know you don't feed these kind of furry pets scrambled chicken eggs?
Well, after a bill of $131.45, we do now.

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